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What Clomid Is And How To Use It:

According to recent studies United States faces quite grave fertility problems among women of all ages and nations. It was discovered that fertility rate in women tends to decline in times of economic depression, thus the last worldwide economic crisis has strongly affected the number of newborns in the United States and other developed countries. However, there is also much more responsibility when conceiving a baby nowadays, while those who struggle to get pregnant can benefit from a wide range of fertility problem solvers, including fertility treatments and operations.

What is this drug?

Clomid or Clomiphene represents one of the many fertility drugs women are usually prescribed in order to help women properly ovulate during their cycle. By taking the drug women increase their chances of getting pregnant, and even have multiple babies in one pregnancy (twins, triplets). In fact, 5 out 100 pregnancies in women who take clomid have twins. The drug works by stimulating the amount of hormones supporting growth by releasing a mature egg during ovulation.

How do I take it?

Before starting any treatment with clomid you should talk to your gynecologists and run a complete set of tests to check possible allergies or incompatibilities. Depending on your problem, age or medical background your physicist will prescribe you the exact amount of clomid pills to take, as well as the duration of the treatment. Usually women fighting infertility problems using clomid take the drug for five days during each month’s ovulation, which increases their chances to remain pregnant.

There are different concentrations found in clomid pills, ranging from 25 mg/pill to 100 mg/pill. Your doctor will also be the one prescribing the exact concentration suitable for your treatment. Try taking your pills regularly at approximate hours each day. If you skip a dose you should take it as soon as possible when you remember. However, if your next dose approaches more rapidly, do not ingest a double dose of the clomid (meaning two pills at once). In case of overdose, immediately contact your physician or a doctor.

Possible side effects and interferences with other drugs

Before taking clomiphene check if you have any of the following diseases, as your treatment may not be compatible with them: blood vessel diseases or blood clots, ovarian cysts, liver diseases, ovarian cancer, pituitary gland disease, vaginal bleeding outside the cycle, allergic reactions to clomiphene, other drugs, dyes, or preservatives, etc. Also, if you are already pregnant you should avoid taking the medicine, as well as if you are breast feeding.

Although safe to use, and without requiring any medical prescriptions, clomiphene can cause a handful of allergic reactions and side effects. The most common side effects include: breathing difficulties, ovarian enlargement and pelvic pains, headaches, flushing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, breast discomfort, foggy vision, or out of the ordinary uterine bleeding. Closing your throat, swelling of your lips and tongue represent stronger side effects which, if occurred, you should immediately contact a doctor.

Also, ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) it was reported in patients undergoing clomiphene and can be extremely dangerous to your health, and may even cause death. If you experience any of the side effects related to OHSS notify your doctor immediately and seek emergency medical treatment. Also bear in mind that this drug increases the likelihood of multiple births, but also the risks usually associated with twin and triplet pregnancies.

Is it safe to buy Clomid over the Internet?

You can buy clomid from all local drugstores and pharmacies, but also from a variety of specialized websites and web-stores. As previously mentioned, clomid does not require any additional drug prescription, but you should immediately inform your gynecologist if you are seeking clomid treatment.

Choose to buy clomid from specialized websites where delivery is fast and discreet. Moreover, before deciding on the right site to buy clomid online, make sure it has the most appealing prices and shipping methods. Keep your medicines out of reach of children and only take them according to your doctor’s prescription. Do not exceed the amount of pills or the numbers of treatment days as clomid will not function better if you do.

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